When They Were Kings

A film series on the glory years of the Public High School League Sports (PHL)

When they were Kings will be a series of documentaries which will be a combination of file footage and interviews with the athletes, coaches, and media that covered the PHL during it's glory years, from the late 60's to the early 90's. As athletics are not performed in a vacuum, we will also capture the time period in which those games took place to add depth and context. For example:


The Summer Vashon rivalry in the late 60’s, with a backdrop of social unrest.


A contrasting image of the fading PHL at the beginning of the hip-hop and MTV era provides a unique look.


Where are they now? Waistlines have broaden, shoulders may be more sloped, hairlines may have receded, but look in the eyes of a 60 year old man who reminisces about those glory years, and suddenly, if not briefly, the light rekindles.




Misdirection! The Running of the Bulldogs – Sumner under Larry Walls

The V – Vashon under Floyd Irons

Glory – 1970 Sumner State Basketball Championship

Undefeated & At Home - The Southwest Football Team of 1974

Coach – The Coaching Career of the late Jodie Bailey

The Fab Five – Highlight on the all time PHL Basketball Team

Legends of the Fall – Spotlight on Public High Soccer

The Flying Redwings – Central High School Profile

In the Dust – A history of great Public League Track and Field Stars

The Blazen Bluejackets – 1976 record setting Beaumont football team

Pipeline – A story of the Area’s Junior Football League that formed the pipeline to the PHL