#Ferguson - From a Moment to a Movement

#Ferguson – the Evolution of a 21st Century Movement


#Ferguson are short films which will focus on the shooting of Michael Brown and its aftermath that has captured the attention of America, and galvanized national and local activists with hopes of it becoming a modern civil and human rights movement.


These films were shot from August 2014 through April of 2015. Some were included in protest actions like Injusticia and Last Words. No True Bill was featured in a national blog Think Progress, described the truth behind the Darren Wilson Grand Jury. In total there were over 20 short films that captured the Ferguson Protest Movement. Fire this Time Aired at the Tivoli Theater in July of 2015 as part of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. 




"The Conversation" - White BLM allies clash with White Supremacists 

        "Fire this Time" Trailer

"Ferguson October" scenes and sounds from #FergusonOctober

 "No Justice - No Peace" - scenes from a downtown St. Louis protest march August 2014

"No True Bill"

Unmasking the Grand Jury Farce

"Genocide" - a powerful poetic tribute to Black Lives Lost